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Play testing the Pyramid game!

Play testing continues on the pyramid building contest entry now named... IMHOTEP'S GLORY!

We've play quite a few times now and adjustments are being made.

At first there was concern that the game (Max 60min) wouldn't stand the time of time and be too short. turns out now that we've played some 3/4 player games, that's not problem. currently a 2 player game is at about 1 1/2 hours. A four player game is peaking over 2 hours.

The issue is that there is a lot to prepare and construct to work your way up that beautiful stepped pyramid that the players are only able to climb the finishing ladder so quickly. Since eliminating locations in this worker placement game is going to be a last ditch effort to trim the time, the current idea is to perfect the pyramid building itself.

Stay tuned as we update this game further and work towards a winning position in the contest!

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