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Completion and Semi-Finals!

So it's been a little while since this blog got an update but we wanted to add a quick update for the completion of the game and what comes after.

The contest this game was created for ended at the beginning of January 2021 and had a few days of Community Voting. 90 different games were submitted to the contest for the community to sift through. I spend about 5 hours viewing shop pages and videos to decide which ones should move forward. I voted for about 20 games myself. There were so many fun ideas and mechanics and styles of art I eventually had to cut myself off from voting for more. Only 20 of the 90 games made it to the semi-finals including Imhoteps Glory and we couldn't have been any happier about it! Based on the number of votes we got we were 10th place of 20 solely based on our promotion of the game in the contest. the next step is the judge (Benny Moy) playing all 20 of the games and deciding winners!

Since the last post on Imhoteps Glory we basically just took the few remaining steps to finishing off the game. The graphic design work was updated with visually appealing and intuitive design. The game received it's very own page here on the website with video and instructions. The video was made with my awful attempt at an accent and put on the website and shop page and the shop page received it's own fair share of graphics and design to ensure it promoted the game well and simply. (Who wants to have to guess at what they are about to play?)

All the hard work paid off with a great game that even after hours and hours of playtesting we still love playing! In fact, personally, I've found that even with the limits from the contest the game plays differently every game. I've also found that the amount of different strategies is far more vast then I had thought when first designing the game.

Next Steps

Even though this game was created for a contest that's ended we aren't done with it yet!

Aside from anxiously awaiting the final winners of the contest and getting to order a few copies of the book the game is getting published in, we have even bigger plans!

The next goal is to bring this game to life as a full fledged big box board game. The limitations of the contest kept us from letting the game become all it could be so now we have the chance to let our hair down and really dive in. Only a few things had to change including the presentation of the game. Instead of being 2 pages in a book it's now a full board, better laid out and less cramped. The rules are now an actual rule book with and easy quick reference on the back, more detailed explanations and some historical information for those that like to learn origins. We tried really hard to redo the resources and commodities (amounts/types of pieces), but in the end realized we had the balance down perfect and the pieces worked perfect just the way they were. We even thought about changing to all custom, unique wooden pieces instead but decided it was completely unnecessary and would just drive the price of the game up without really providing much benefit to the game. We are going to keep the custom pieces on the back burner until we go to Kickstarter in case we do well enough to add the customs as a late stretch goal. We also created a built in expansion that is currently in playtesting which [crosses fingers] is going to stay a secret until the Kickstarter but if all goes well will be revealed during the campaign as an early stretch goal. The last addition to the Complete version is an addition to the player count increasing the max players from 4 to 6 making the game even more versatile and changing how the game plays depending on how many are playing.

Well thanks for joining us on the journey with Imhoteps Glory! Keep up with this and all of our games on our instagram, @flyingfishgaming and by dropping your email at the top of any page on this site.

Would you like to see a Solo-mode for Imhoteps Glory? leave a comment below! Or tell us about your thoughts on the game.

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