Corporate Sharks

Welcome to the quiet pristine country of Unincorporated. A small country that's never allowed foreign corporate business within their borders. Until now. Unincorporated is quickly going bankrupt and has voted to finally allow these businesses to take root and help grow this small land into a thriving group of metropolises.

Take charge of one of these opportunistic corporations looking to establish a foothold and to dominate this untouched land of new opportunity. Bid on shares of the various cities to earn big profits. Control how your corporation does business by purchasing and implementing different Corporate Structure tiles, giving you new abilities, additional income and other bonuses. Build new buildings and greater profit. But don't forget to appease to populous or risk boycotts and loss of business!

Auction System

Every Round players will have the opportunity to bid on a select number of City Shares. Collections of these Shares will grant their owners additional income that came be ever increased to help you in your victory. Spend your hard earned Credits on these valuable divides to earn more credits later as you gain complete sets. There's no limit to the bidding so be careful your opponents aren't just inflating the price for you!


The cities provide those Corporations with sets of Shares with additional Credits every Income Phase based on the buildings already built in the city by yourself or other Corporations. Make a city into a profit hub, or donate public spaces to gain Positive Public Opinion. Some buildings even provide special abilities to shareholders!

Corporate Structure

Each corporation's Structure starts with their Corporate Structure Board. It includes 1 ability unique to that corporation and 2 branches to start your Corporate Structure Tree. Buy new tiles from the Corporate Structure Store and add them to your tree of abilities and bonuses. Infrastructure Tiles will help make your business more productive. Corporate Espionage Tiles with let you to attack and sabotage your opponents with a variety of dirty business practices. Defense Tiles will help to protect your corporation against attacks and keep the general public in your back pocket.

The Game That Plays Back!

In Corporate Sharks you aren't just playing against your corporate rivals but against the game itself. The last ditch effort of Unincorporated to allow corporations entrance hasn't gone over well with the public. Most are fearful that these conglomerates will turn their beautiful country into a giant fast food shack and are quick to boycott and protest any corporation they feel is taking advantage. To quell these annoying profit interruptions, donate public spaces, with your logo proudly displayed of course. Or use your Corporate Structure to add employee day cares to show your dedication to providing for these fine people. Keep them extremely happy and they may even help you win the game!

Player Trade

Corporations will have a variety of assets at their disposal hidden from the competition. Anything that is behind a player screen can be used as a bargaining chip in trades with other corporations. Everything from unused Corporate Structure Tiles to building materials, undeclared shares to Victory Points can be traded between corporations.

2-4 Players

90-120 Min Playtime

Ages 12+


10.75" x 10.75" Box


18" x 18" Play Board with

3 Uniquely designed Store Containers

50+ Corporate Structure Tile Punch-outs

6 Unique Corporate Structure Boards

200 Credit Chip Punch-outs

250 Credit/Victory Point Chip Punch-outs

120 Shares Cards

52 Event Cards in 3 different difficulty settings

100 Public Opinion Punch-outs

56 Hex Building Tile Punch-outs

6 City Tile Punch-outs

Round Marker

First Player Marker

4 Privacy Screens

Cloth Credit Bag