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Starting the New Design/Look

So the last post was about the basic look for playtesting. The endless playtesting is proving the balance I had intended. During the rebalance I decided that instead of an abundance of game pieces (gem pieces on the cards), I would go the route of limited resources. The first balance of the game had gems crammed into every card. ALL THE GEMS! EVERYWHERE!

Sometimes a game has an abundance but that abundance is usually balanced in a different form. For example, Abundance of choices every turn, limited number of actions. In that example, a player has to choose their actions from the abundance carefully since they can only do a limited number of those actions.

For NuGEMS I felt like removing the abundance in quantity of gems would increase the value of each play/turn. After playtesting endlessly over the last few months with all player counts, that is definitely the case. It made each turn more strategic and each placement can change the game for the player placing it as well as the other players.

So now that it looks like my new balance is proven, it's time to start the new look of the cards!

You can see that I've decided to make each type/color a unique style of crystal growth. That's something about the earlier version I've always disliked. Now NuGEMS is colorblind friendly! I also enjoy the extra work I'm putting into making them all unique. Unfortunately for me, it's been taking forever to do the work! I think I'll be worth it once it's done.

Stay tuned to see the final product! Please like and drop your comments below!

Do you have a game you're redesigning? Leave us some pictures in the comments section and what are you changing in your redesign.

playtest images for NuGEMS
Pre-design images, Playtest only

Some redesigned images for NuGEMS
Some of the new redesign images

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