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NuGEMS, new Mechanics

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Our last post of NuGEMS was all about the new design process happening with the game while the older copies are out being blind playtested. Since that post we've been pretty busy with Corporate Sharks, Imhoteps Glory and a few other contest entries and haven't gotten very far on NuGEMS. Luckily, we've set some time aside for just this game and the update has started. Actually updateS. In addition to updating the card layouts and artwork we decided to improve on the Explosion card mechanic and instead introduce the Tools mechanic which will provide more choice and strategy and allow players to rely less on chance providing the cards they need. The artwork update has also been re-balanced to work better with the improved Tools mechanic. We can't wait to show you all the new improvements and art. Stay tuned on our Instagrams @NuGEMSInc @FlyingFishGaming or drop your email at the top of the page and receive our newsletter!

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