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Imhotep's Glory - Play test wrap up!

Welcome back for another installment of a game made in 3 months or less. We are nearing the end of this game which we made as a contest entry on

After play testing it with early images for the last... month and a half I think? It's time to move on to the last few things needed to complete this little project.

Since final artwork is on it's way soon and play testing is done the next step is the rules. I had them written down roughly to see how much room I'd need for them, but while they have changed, evolved, and become finalized, they haven't been rewritten. So while we wait on the final art that's the big project for now.

After the rules I'll be added some graphic layout work over the 2 pages for the game. The cover page and credits page will need to be finished and a prototype will need to be made. The last thing to do after all of that is the filming of a how-to video and probably play thru and advertisement videos as well. Gotta be thorough!

Next update should be the final product! Or you get to see how wrenches end up in the machine you think you have planned.

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