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Hiding Work from Life

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

My gameroom, AKA my play test room, AKA my office is so hard to keep organized as one over the other. Do I let my endless game theory sprawl out over all know space, or keep the same space in pristine condition for any game at last minute notice?

Here's my solution! A False Window!

I already have a wonderful huge double window in the room with curtains for those sleep-in mornings. Well I added the same curtains to the opposite side of the room to hide my business mess!

On one side I have a whiteboard ready for my constant notes and reminders to myself and hooks for sets of documents and printed files for each game I currently have in progress, plus saved information and details for games that are coming up next or waiting for their turn.

The other side is filled with poster boards filled with art for tiles, cards, and pieces. It gives me large visuals to compare decks of card or stack of tile so I can see at a glance where things might be unbalanced or where I have room to add more elements. Sometimes those are story line driven elements I didn't think I'd have room to add and sometimes it lets me see where a mechanic has been has been overpowered or lost in the mix.

When people come over for play testing or just for a fun game night/day, I can just close my curtains on work and hide it from those just looking to play a fun game. Also for my own benefit when we are playing a game so I can focus on that game instead of mentally working on my games while trying to play a different one.

What are some of your ways of creating walls between your work and your life?

Leave some comments below!

-The Green Meeple

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