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A Night in the Pirates Den

You and your cohorts have been around the world and pillaged the seven seas! Returning to your den the festivities begin. The ale and rum is poured and stories told. Tomorrow the plunder will be divvied up, but why wait when you can satisfy your desires tonight!

While everyone is distracted you’ll get your chance to steal the loot you want the most, just make sure you do before any of your cohorts do.

A Night in the Pirates Den combines dexterity and take-that mechanics while everyone is striving to achieve their Desires before anyone else can. Or before someone else messes up all of your plans!

2-4 Players

15-25 Min Playtime

Ages 12+


Sturdy and portable metal box

16 Desire Cards

50 Treasure Tokens



This is the second game in our new line of compact travel games. We wanted to offer a line of games that are small, durable, bursting with fun while still offering challenges, strategy and unique play each time.

The metal tins your game comes in is durable enough to go in your pocket as you're running out the door, keeping your game safe and unblemished.

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