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Welcome new employee to NuGEMS Inc! In your new position here you and your fellow employees will be using our patented process to create artificial precious gemstones. Unfortunately many of our employees seem to be accepting bribes to create over stocks of gemstones forcing the company to sell at discount rates.

In NuGEMS Inc you'll attempt to achieve your goal while your opponents are ready to sabotage you to achieve theirs. Each turn draw a new card to your hand, then choose to either discard and redraw your hand or expand the crop of gems by playing a card in up to a 4 by 4 space.

Watch out, your fellow employees may choose to sabotage your efforts by causing some of the gem growth to explode and may even replace it with their preferred gem growth.

Once the play space has been filled the game ends and scoring begins. The player that scores the highest based on their chosen bribe wins!


Not all Players choose to accept bribes and will be working to achieve a balanced crop of gemstones ruining your chances of cashing in on those bribes!

2-4 Players

15-20 Min Playtime

Ages 12+


Sturdy and portable metal box

12 Bribery Cards

37 Gem Unique Cards

3 Explosion Cards



Images used are an older design and not the final artwork included in the game


Show off with one of our new NuGEMS T-shirts! Available in vibrant Amethyst Purple!


S | M | L | XL | XXL

Only $15

Additional sizes available by request


This is the first game in our new line of compact travel games. We wanted to offer a line of games that are small, durable, bursting with fun while still offering challenges, strategy and unique play each time.

The metal tins your game comes in is durable enough to go in your pocket as you're running out the door, keeping your game safe and unblemished.

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