Grow Precious Stones with your fellow scientists in this area control card game. Deduce the goals of your fellow scientists fellow meeting your own goals.

Fruit Flip!

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FRUIT FLIP! is a bright color matching, hex-card flipping game of memory, strategy, and sabotage. Match colors on the cards to place on your turn. After playing your card, flip all adjacent cards. Keep as many of your chosen fruit face up by the end of the game, while flipping your opponent's fruit down.

The Game of Color Matching, Fruit Flipping FUN!

Corporate Sharks


Welcome to the pristine island country of Unincorporated. Breathtaking mountains and lakes, lush forests, fertile soil, and vast opens spaces. Unincorporated banned international corporations decades ago in an effort to keep the lands lush and beautiful. Today the underdeveloped Unincorporated is going into bankruptcy and needs some fresh financial backing.
With the old corporate bans abolished and a new currency in circulation, Unincorporated braces for the corporate stampede approaching its fair cities.

Invest wisely or just use corporate espionage to sabotage your competitors!

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